A few ideas for a BID (precinct) 'make-over manifesto'..



(helped by volunteer groups) weeds on bhs/m&s canopies  


restore symmetry + sight-lines, coppice trees


railings, columns (grey), geometric floor designs (grey, to match original concrete paving).


add 50s styled tree guards, renovate/re-introduce the striped precinct awnings, ikea solar lanterns

improved planters, upper precinct level 1 terrace seating/plantings - less is more.

ramp plantings (wildflower meadow or grasses theme)

active campaign for removal of escalator (+ sympathetic replacement)

re-introduction of key public artworks

investigate re-use or re-purposing of upper precinct toilets (eg. quirky 50's themed art gallery - there's a precedent for this with the mk1 herbert toilets , now under browns/drapers, being used as gallery space in 1960s)


 anchor perceptions by re-presenting as stylish, + fashionable 1950s precinct - revisiting original design cues

(recognition that for many, the precincts define the retail narrative for coventry. the city needs to address issues now - not wait for CCS).