Sub-Urban graffiti

Coventry had a bit of a 'thing' in the 60's for subways - something to do with keeping pedestrians in a nice cosy rain-free environment, away from the noisy, smelly, dangerous motorcar. They even became shrines (breifly, before cost became an increasing issue for the cash-strapped council) for the betterment of the public through innovative artistic design, often featuring tiled motifs in vibrant colour schemes. Subways also had alot to do with the ringroad having truncated fifty or so of the ancient streets previously used by folks walking to/from town.. but anyways, many have been filled in, in the admirable rush to humanise the city centre - so we thought we'd post a couple of surviving examples for your perusal, plus two other colourful thoroughfares (the blue graffiti can be found on 'anarchy bridge' - linking Central Six Shopping area to the suburb of Earlsdon, and the rainbow effect lighting illuminates a short passageway from Hertford St to Fords Hospital in Greyfriars Lane).