Turning Japanese, we really think so..

One of my favorite spots in town is Priory Place - it started off life back in 2000 with several bars, but now has a more refined feel. Three restaurants, a media centre, a chinese mini-supermarket and (at least the rumour is) possibly a beauty salon.

Anyhow, I've never tried Japanese food but loved the look of the new 'Shin' bar-eaterie - so thought I'd stick my head in and have a look. Really friendly staff, and lovely artwork on the walls - it seems they have another restaurant in Cheltenham and chose Coventry for their next venture. Good for them!

The mostly sushi menu doesn't work for me as I'm a veggie, but did notice a £12.95 (v) platter for two option, so think I'll bring wifey along some day soon.. anyways - just sitting at the bar looks fun too, so maybe i'll just try inbibing The Vapors on my own!