1000 year history makes Coventry top Pokemon GO visitor destination..

I'm doing daily the 'school run' earlier, with my 14 year old son and he casually says.. 'You know what Dad - Coventry's really brilliant for rare pokemon go spawning'.  Er, what? 'Yeah - all the history, old buildings, churches and stuff - means it's way better than other places we've been to'.

coventry city council pokemon go map

Right, um, ok. So I get home and take a look on-line, and guess what - he's correct. The algorithm they use apparently seeks out places globally with the highest density of noteworthy landmarks and interesting 'things' - and 'spawns' the rarest pokemon characters so as to entice players into cultural enrichment (or something like that - probably more to do with it latching to what google has historically 'tagged' as worth visiting). Anyhow, there's even a page on Coventry City Council's website dedicated to showing you the real-time status of 'hotspots and gyms' (sorry, I've no idea what that actually means).

So why is this relevant to a city guide?

Well, in our experience - if your kids are having fun, chances are you will be too!