The clock, the naked lady and the guy with big eyes!

Yesterday, standing in Broadgate - (as it happens, listening to a talk by architectural historian Jeremy Gould on Coventry's fabulous post-war buildings!)  - I heard a loud bell strike. A kind of hush descended briefly as lots of people turned round to see a crowd of tourists get out cameras and point toward the Clock Tower.

Weirdly, I've never actually seen the doors opening and Godiva riding out - and had to double-take when another set of shutters popped open with Peeping Tom's big eyes learing down. I think the mechanism had been broken for so long I'd just forgotten it existed. But now, with the huge Broadgate Square having been newly pedestrianised - now on a par with any large European piazza'ered City - it's been re-furbished, and is, well, quite striking with it's quirky stripped down 1950's design style and geometric patterns.  Great stuff!

lady godiva and peeping tom broadgate coventry