Godiva.. Jaguar.. Two Cathedrals.. Three Spires

 A famous city of culture - since 1345 - and undoubtedly, once, one of the most picturesque Medieval walled cities of Europe.. todays Coventry has a unique mix of architecture old and new, with tradition and creativity distilled from over a thousand years of recorded occupation.

I've grown up in this City - reading the stories of Lady Godiva and Lord Leofric, legendary Jaguar cars, the Three Spires and how wartime bombing re-shaped the landscape. My name is Alan Denyer, and I'm a local Property Restorer-Developer.

My Wife, Son and I share a bit of a passion for history, inspiring buildings, interesting decor and exploring other towns and cities - so I'm always thinking about what it is that makes for a good visitor experience.

Coventry is a fascinating place, with bags full of history and majestic contrasts -  however, it doesnt feature on many 'must go to' tourist reviews. We're not sure why this is - perhaps it's a hangover from the 1980's when most visitors first impressions were of a concrete jungle! The city is changing quickly now though - so that's why we've created this guide to our home-town, to help you enjoy it too.

What are the best streets? Is it easy to park?

Are there any decent places to eat? Any tips on getting a good deal?

the author, and family visitcoventry.net

Maybe a bit like you, we hate spending money on less-good tourist or dining experiences, wasting our time trying to find places, or looking at boring bits, so.. here's our best shot at the definitive insiders guide to our home town - Coventry.

We hope it makes your planning easier, and that you'll visit soon!